OMG….. How safe is THIS

Sending nudes is always a risky business because you just don’t know where they’re going to end up.


Sure, you might be sending them to your partner or your fuck buddy, but who knows what they could do with them in 6 month’s time? Everything might be all well and good now, but relationships can turn sour and with revenge porn still rampant, you never know what message board your naked body could end up on.

However, sending nudes can be a lot of fun, especially during the lockdown, where everyone is longing for a shag. Just seeing a picture of someone else’s naked body can be enough to make anyone bust at this point! And frankly, most of us deserve a bit of pleasure.

If you’re used to regular shagging, you’ve probably found the past 12 months a nightmare. So, if you can trust the other person – go for it!

But people should still be careful – if you’ve just met someone through a dating app and things are starting to get heated. It might be worth getting to know them a little bit more before sending them a dick pic or a shot of your tits.

Horniness fades, but your digital footprint can remain forever. So, consider how you might feel in ten years when you see a picture of yourself naked on Reddit. Or worse, a family member or a close friend finds a picture of you…