Do we all become sexually attracted to the same thing first?

It’d be a boring world if we did!


Some people love boobs, others like bums and some love big cocks! And the lucky one’s, like all three!

Whoever you are, you probably have something that gets you going that no one else understands.

You might like boobs that look like your favourite porn stars, or you might like the idea of watching someone else play with your partner’s arse.

You might like men’s bums; you might like women’s bums.

You might to fuck someone’s bum; you might want someone to fuck yours.

You might want to experience both!

Either way, you can’t choose what you like, and as long as its consensual and no one gets hurt, its fair game.

Sexual preference is difficult to wrestle with as it’s entirely out of our hands – you can’t pick who or what you like.

On reflection, sex is one of the most complicated things we have to deal with. It ultimately governs who and what we are, but we have no say in what get’s us going.

Scientists have spent years researching sexuality, but there is still no conclusive evidence as to what governs our sexual preference.

All we can do is embrace who and what we are, and enjoy ourselves!

Whatever you like, you shouldn’t feel ashamed, and you should embrace your sexual identity!

Heck, it’d be a boring world if we all liked the same thing! The world’s an exciting place because everyone’s different!