What is dogging you ask…. well, in a nut shell its having sex in a car where other people can watch you and sometimes join in if you allow them to. This mostly takes place in car parks which are secluded and hidden away from the general public.


If you don’t have a playmate to join you in the fun, then why not hire an escort. Ddesire69 is an experienced escort in the joys of dogging in Luton. She even offers to pick you up in her own car and take you for some sexy fun in the sun if needed.

Need a few ideas of where to go? Here are a couple of places in Luton for you to enjoy.

1 – Wigmore Park carpark, this boasts for some good watching fun.

2 – Dallow Road industrial estate. This is known for being one of the best dogging locations in the UK

3 – Luton TeaGreen – Said to be full of fun after dark.

Remember to be respectful and to stay safe…. have fun